Putney Rangers FC Kickstart Program

This program is designed to give every young player the very best soccer experience from the moment they enter the sport to the time they progress into youth soccer. The overriding objective is to do everything possible to ensure that children finish their time in youth soccer with only good feelings about the game. Due to the success of this program in the past few years, the program will return again for season 2014 for the Under 6's through to the Under 8's

PRFC engaged the services of Soccer Kickstart, a professional sports organisation, which many of you would be familiar with as they run Western Sydney Wanderers FC & GHFA endorsed football clinics.

What is Co-operative Coaching/Training?

Teams of similar age train in the one time slot set down by the club
A Soccer Kickstart Head Coach provides a training program prior to each session and pre-sets all the equipment for training on the day
Each team/squad are accompanied by a coach/manager/parent to run the stations
This team/squad, coach and their helpers complete the different stations set up by the Kickstart Head Coach.
The Kickstart Head Coach will assist the squads attain a higher level of training, in-service the coaches during each program and manage the timing of the session to ensure all outcomes are achieved
The program is highly structured with multiple levels of skills for each soccer skill section.
Weekly training programme based on the FFA’s new national curriculum

PRFC aim’s to provide the best environment for positive and gentle encouragement. We believe this is the best way to bring out the best in children and help foster positive self-esteem and cooperative teamwork. Parents are also welcomed to be present and to be a part of this as the benefits of being present are great; You can see your child’s progression, learn about what is being taught, have a higher understanding of key words and there meaning’s and ultimately children adore an audience of loved ones to cheer them on.

Hope to see you there.

The Putney Rangers FC Committee